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A Newcomer, Chen Xiaoxia Giving a Lecture
Date:27/09/2013 Reading number:2729Times
    On the afternoon of 14th,Sep., a wonderful PPT lecture was given by a newcomer, Chen Xiaoxia who is a new personnel officer.
    Why does she become a training instructor? In August, she made PPT about personnel analysis. She is a newcomer and just work for three months, but her learning enthusiasm is very high, and she has the challenging spirit. During the process of the personnel analysis PPT, she and her colleagues worked together, and often work overtime to make PPT picture more beautiful generous and data analysis accurate. what`s more she can accurately analyze the enterprise development encountered obstacles, and puts forward some original ideas to solve the problem by themselves. By this PPT experience, she grown up and appreciated by the leadership. Therefore, she become a training instructor for this lecture.  
    Before stepping into the rostrum, she perfected her PPT content and use the experience of other lecturer.
    To add the training attraction, she put interesting issue preemptive answer into the training lecture. Colleagues also felt that listening to her classes felt relaxed and happy.
    Chao Xiaoxia`s lecture bring a fresh air to our Trinde Company in a new manner. And she also expresses that this lecture have revealed me to myself.
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