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Experimental Training
Date:30/11/2013 Reading number:2884Times
    From Sept. 18th to Sept. 20th, I participated in the experimental training which was an unforgettable memories. In fact, when I received the notice, I don`t think it is important for me to participate in this training until I got a call. On the phone he asked me what did I want to learn.
    At the beginning of the training, the trainer gave a more concrete idea of the person and expressed the relationship of result, action and mind. Suddenly I found that was what I want. In the practical work, we paid attention to technical management, and ignored mind management.
    Next, the trainer played a video which is a successful case. It shows us what is the real team. It gives us a common good concept. Common good spirit includes three aspects: spirit of the squirrel - do valuable things; spirit of beaver - controlling the process to achieve your goals; Goose talent - encouraging each other.
    Next, the trainer wanted us to go to the lectern and share our feeling. I was very honor to share my feelings. though it was not very successful, it let me have a more profound understanding about myself.It deeply hurt my enthusiasm, my mood is depressed. at night I suffered from insomnia, even I have been ask yourself that I really like this? Even I began to doubt the meaning of the training and authenticity, and I even want to leave here and go back to work. However, I think of my friend and partner. at the next day I attended as scheduled. But my mood is not very high
    My emotions is not good until the trainer organized an event for us. the trainer told us to analyze ourselves. it's surprising that our team members gave me the same response of my analysis. Everyone agreed that I were too care about the feeling of other people for me. my mood particularly susceptible to influence, their compressive ability is not strong. Through all clean and soul-searching, I finally let go of the heart, and listen to everyone.
    In my opinion ,this training are very significant for us. A game of CARDS is very vivid that expressed our daily work whether you are weak or not. The game of drawing reflects problems of the communication process. only on the basis of respect and combining communication skills, it can have better effect;   Jump rope game also make us know the way of the beaver.
    A series of activities made us think and discussion, and more and more people share, laugh, and cry. All those is because they let go of the heart, and starts from me.
   We all know that middle managers in enterprise management plays the role of: (a) the essential. Under leadership middle-level cadres, workers, should not only work under the leadership of the superior, and to guide the work of the staff of the department. (b) in the position of the executive level. Leaders make decisions, the key is to through the middle-level cadres to promote and to implement, to practice. (c) in the position of the backbone. Middle-level cadres have overall ability level, comprehensive quality is high, is a unit of business backbone, backbone, represents a unit of the overall quality of the contingent of cadres and external image. (d) in the position of the staff assistant. Middle-level cadres to do transmit an order from above, not just more to analyzing the situations of grass-roots work and the workforce, for leadership
    If the mentality of the middle-level managers was not health, then the middle-level managers won`t make staffs convinced. And they will be suspicious of
Accuracy of firsthand information.
    I deeply realized that it is important for us to start with ourselves. Only good mind can cause good action, and finally good result will be obtained. 
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