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Old Urchin, Mr. Xia
Date:12/11/2009 Reading number:3024Times
    It was some time for me to arrive in Huambo. And I gradually adjusted myself to the life here, which it is a kind of serene, full and happy life. We almost surveyed in huambo. Mr. Xia owning a strong body carried a hammer. Wang Zhenxing took drawings and bottles of water with him. I owning a thin body carried a bag with piles. Mr. Meng , a very ingenuous person took cameras and notebooks with him. Mr. Chen, our captain held GPS following us. In this way,a group of people walks in vast Africa prairie,  and finish measurement for  all the tasks of high voltage overhead lines.
    Among these people, Mr. Xia and I got relatively close to each other, Mr. Xia is the representative of CRSC and his age is similar with my dad. However, we have no generation gap. He treats me as his brother; I also regarded him as the brother. If you want to eat mangoes, please say mangoes. The blacks are very hospitable, and certainly give you mangoes. You had better not say nothing and pick mangoes yourself. It is the first time for Mr. Xia to say the words with me when measuring. After the survey that day it is true and complete to prove that the blacks were very hospitable. It is not the situation that I though before I go abroad. There is no fear in the heart. Walking on the African country road is just the same as in China.  In Angola, I don't understand Portuguese, and Mr. Xia works as my Portuguese teacher. When I meet something that I don’t understand, he will be very patient to give me explanation. When taking a rest, he will tell me his experiences of a young age and his understanding for the life. Meanwhile he also give cigarette to smoke. He has a good memory and always finds out piles driven.
I don't remember the detail date and is the day that we go to measure. Mr.Xia and I was distributed to watch over the instrument. Therefore, we were sitting and chatting over there. More and more children came here to look at us many and almost surrounded us.  Some of those children looking at us are laughing, and some are shouting amiga. We are often followed by a group of children who says" Amiga, China".  Now we are sitting, and it can not be bear to be surrounded by them. Therefore, I take out a bag of peanuts to give them to taste, then will they take money to buy. Those children never eat such peanuts. When a few children began to take out money to buy, Mr. Xia shows a bag of candy and scattered them. My thought that making money completely spoiled by Mr. Xia. I am angry to go to rob his candy. The following situation appeared: Mr.Xia run and scattered candy in front, and I run after him. a large group of black children  pick up the candy to eat. Those adults watch this situation and don’t know what happened.
    I thought that I will fear and am not used to unfamiliar environment when I go to Angola this time. However, I feel I am luck that I meet this group of people. Let me spend the happy life abroad. I am very grateful to them, especially Mr. Xia who let me know the more things and have an unforgettable time.
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