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Elegant Demeanour
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Training and Experience
Date:30/11/2013 Reading number:2692Times
    From Sept. 18th to Sept. 20th, I participated in the experimental training which it is the first for me to participate in these training. In fact, when I received the notice, I don`t think it is important for me to participate in this training. However, after the training, I found my mind was open.
Inner Feeling for Myself
    a. For our own psychological defects, we often escape and don`t face it. In class, a group member with a little stutter says he is especially caring about his own body defect, and fear that someone would look down upon him. So did I. I always worry that other people will talk about my height. But, as long as you hold a heart of serious and responsible to do things, everyone will respect you, will be happy to share his experience with you, let you do it better.
    b. To believe to attend training team members won't forget the training on the second day evening. 49 people sit cross-legged, hold out a bosom straight waist, hands on his chest, rub hands up and down, and close your eyes shouting slogans. This action is not difficult, difficult is to 49 people adhere to one hour, as long as there is a person to give up even if lose. In the face of difficulties we tend to have the idea of give up, but as long as bullet, insist on a minute, more bullets again, we will be able to survive. When the command, the end of the bishop shouts activities when I open my eyes, see everyone sitting as much as I do my heart steadfast. Originally I was so out of other people think of me, the in the mind is so unsure, so respectable。
Feeling for our team
    1.       Communication
    The trainer organized a drawing game of you listen I speak. This game was very funny. The one told the detail of the drawing and the other should draw.
    After the game, our hands, said beam workers exists a big problem in this game, the graphics have not given grid (coordinates), there is no way to describe people expressed clear. His views on this, I too agree with it. After all, we are doing the design, stress is accurate
    Then our trainer asked us to share our own feeling. Listen to everyone, I'm a big hit, completely overthrew the inherent thinking of me. Wanting is also, how many time in life, you are in communication with people of the same technical type of work. To communicate with their will, of course, a lot of, my professional term he knew that my experiences he feel the same way. But, when you communicate with subordinates, they don't understand your professional term to do; with the leadership communication, you don't agree with his approach to development, what to do; When chatting with friends and family, others don't agree with your work, don't understand your pressure and pain, what to do.
    Communication across work and life do not go well, I prefer silence or angry way . In fact, this communication is very inefficient, over time, our colleagues; family relationships will become increasingly alienated
    Too difficult to change others, you need to change the subject too much. However, they are relatively easy to change, and it is our true whatever. Effective communication can not only enrich our lives, you can also make your life go less detours. Listen carefully to savor those stories with family and friends, in fact, is a very interesting thing.
    2.       Understand and Use Everyone
    The anther game is that the two armies duly meet and face each other standing in readiness. Team leader as glamorous ceremony, loud for declaration, let everybody envy. But failure or when the team in the match, the leader is to blame, 50 standard punishments do push-ups
    I usually only see the leadership sipping tea, travel a car, eat a big meal every day. Little do they know he paid and efforts quietly behind the glossy surface. All of them cannot work overtime, but the leadership must complete all the tasks remaining. All people can make mistakes, but we are not responsible.
    When the team practice, I found that there was a team of students responded more slowly, dragging everyone in the hind legs, then my first reaction is to consider whether or not to remove him, hoping that we will have victory. Until the end of the game, I found myself once again wrong and only together a team to help you win and honor, not by the so-called outstanding team consisting of all of the outstanding individuals.
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