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Elegant Demeanour
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A Journey of Barbecue in Daluo Mountain
Date:16/11/2011 Reading number:4588Times
On 24th April, 2011, staffs of Drafter Office had a journey of barbecue outside in Daluo Mountain.
On a.m. 8:30 0f 24th, colleagues with their families arrived to Wumei Garden of Chashan Town by car and then spend half an hour to walk to the entrance of Wolong Valley, which the walk is a challenge about physical fitness. This is a very difficult journey that takes two hours. Sheer rocks, slippery stones and so on, all these increased the difficulty of the journey. After reaching a highway, we droved to the meteorological observation station at the top of the mountain for twenty minutes and then pitched our tents. We were divided into groups and boys pitched tents and girls made the cooking tables for fire. Everyone enjoyed ourselves, and was very excited. Some boys who never use barbecue equipments also wanted to have a try. After a hard work, we excitedly eat the food that we ourselves barbecued.
The journey of barbecue in Daluo Mountain not only relieved working stress, but also enriched our life and enhanced our colleague’s solidarity, cooperation.
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