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Elegant Demeanour
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Apply what I have learned in the training
Date:28/12/2013 Reading number:2250Times
   It has been a month to take participated in the administrative personnel, assistant, secretary management skills training organized by Wenzhou entrepreneur club. The feeling that enlighten your mind haven't disappeared.
    The lecturer, He Lan for this training course is known by the most affinity and appeal female teacher. In the two days of training course, the teacher gave us a share about her rich theoretical knowledge and practical work in the accumulation of valuable experience.
    During the work, I put what I have learned in this training into the daily work. After this training, I have three aspect perceptions including: 
    Adjust Mental Attitudes and change myself. As new graduates from school, this is an inevitable process to change myself, but a little maladjustment must be existed. We all know that the earth won't stop or run slower because you feel a little dizzy, so I want to take the initiative to go to change myself to adapt to the work. But we do need to gives ourselves more time to adapt. However, we will know how to set a deadline for this time.  We should use our tolerance to do everything, but the tolerance must be proper.
     Good memory as bad written. Daily work is very trivial, often plan couldn't catch up with change, there will always be the "unexpected" disturb work rhythm. So do a good job at this time is the record is important, keep records of work will be divided into the work priority (1) and (2) emergency important not urgent emergency (4) (3) is not important but not important and not urgent, when leaders issued a task, you can classify them. When after reaching each task document classification, can know clearly our work in a methodical, help us time management, also can prevent a job forgotten.
   Be willing to shoulder leader’s burden. As grass-roots employees, leaders are busy company construction development, we behind leaders to remove trouble back at home for him. Before accepting the training if found any problem in the work, will feel a sense of accomplishment, immediately tell what I discovered what the leadership of the problem. But I miss the point, the leadership need you, more important is need you to solve the problem, rather than give him find the problem. So after that if I know what problems found in the work, first of all, I want to do is to think, his first think countermeasures, to see if they have the ability to solve, then the problems and their solution tell leadership. We want to save time for leadership within its power to do more important things.
    The above is my experience of participating in the new administrative staff, assistants, secretaries management skills training. I am very glad to share my feelings with everyone
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